Product Highlights

Our Lawyers Professional Liability products serve the community of small- to mid-size law firms that practice both general and specialized law. Our program is administered by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry who, for more than a decade, have represented hundreds of law firms in the placement of professional liability insurance. While we have an appetite for many areas of legal practice, the program is not currently designed for firms with activity in class action or mass tort representation, or in the securities industry.

Product Features

Coverage is available for two specific market segments:

  • Individual attorneys and non-standard law firms up to 30 attorneys
  • Law firms of up to 30 attorneys whose specialty is Intellectual Property law

Coverage limits of up to $4 million in the aggregate are available, as are a number of significant coverage extensions and features.


Lawyers Professional Liability insurance helps protect attorneys for damages and defense costs incurred as a result of a Claim alleging an act, errors or omissions arising from your performance of professional services.

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Coverage Highlights

  • Broad definition of professional services, including coverage for privacy covered acts and network security covered acts arising from professional services
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) claims settlement provision that can reduce deductible amounts
  • Deductible reductions for use of limitation of liability and mediation clauses in engagement letters
  • Deductible reductions for early resolution and consent to settlement of claims
  • Supplementary Payments for expense reimbursement costs for loss of earnings when you attend a hearing, trial or aribitation proceeding at our request
  • Coverage extensions for:
    • Client Notification and Consultant Costs
    • Discriminatory Complaint Regulatory Coverage
    • Supplementary Claims Expenses Coverage
    • Not For Profit Directorships Coverage
    • Reputation Protection Coverage


Jorgensen and Company


About Jorgenson and Company

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We have partnered with Jorgensen and Company because we value their expertise, experience, and focus. Jorgensen & Company is a market leader for Lawyers Professional Liability who focuses on providing superior professional liability insurance products and complementary services to our clients. They are recognized as specialists and innovators in their chosen field. This focused activity makes Jorgensen a leader in the professional liability market and enables them to maximize performance on behalf of our clients.


  • Attorneys Risk Management Hotline. A complimentary professional consultation with a full-service national law firm to help resolve issues before they become claims. This valuable service is offered exclusively to our policyholders.
  • 24/7 Claims reporting is available at:

Nationwide's dedicated claims team works proactively to complete a thorough investigation of every claim and aggressively manage the defense of claims to help protect your assets. Our dedicated claims team has the experience and technical expertise in numerous jurisdictions to manage professional liability claims and complex litigation.
The coverage described herein may not be available in all jurisdictions. This coverage highlight is descriptive only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any product. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued. Exclusions and limitations apply.